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A Practical Guide to Photography

Photography is a common hobby for young and old guys to capture every nice moment. here is an step by step tutorial for beginner photographers.
A Practical Guide to Photography Cover
Here is the best photography guideline.
Pages: 155
Size: 30.7 MB
There is a lot types of camera and lens. You have to know basic concepts of this to select which one is perfect for you as an starter. You can get theory of photograph here. Practically good work can be developed only when, you buy a camera your own.
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How to be a Professional Blogger Bangla

To become a Professional Blogger, This bangla book will be too much helpful for you

How to be a Professional Blogger Bangla Cover 

Its a very good news that, Google Adsense is now supporting Bangla Websites and Blogs. It will be a tuning point for bangali content creators and bloggers. So that, The can earn by place Googles advertisement in their websites and get paid smart income from google.\
SEO consultant and Online Marketing Guys should start their work more smartly from now. Thanks for download the book. Like our facebook page , if you benefited by us a bit. 
Pages: 40
Size: 38.3 MB
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Android Apps Development Tutorial Basic

Now a days, Android apps Development is very challenging platform for Software Developers. This is very easy to understand for beginners. 

Android Apps Development Tutorial Book PDF Cover

Android Operating System is now so much common platform. Such device is owned by almost everyone and every country. That's why programmers, now a days Developing Android Applications to reach to clients easily. 
It's so easy to make an app, but hard to make it comfortable for user and approved to Play Store. You need to become so much expert to make useful apps. 
Only you should start to read the book if you have a personal computer with high speed net connection. You are fluent in Java Programming and You have much curiosity to learn new thinks and study hard. Otherwise you should download it and keep as a library collection. When you think yourself prepared to practice at Android Platform, than you can Start. 

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Pages: 49

Size: 4.37 MB


Super Simple SEO Tutorial

Super Simple SEO Tutorial Cover
This is a very simple English SEO book. From which, You can learn best Search Engine Optimization as an starter. Wishing All the best and like our facebook page

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Size: 1.3 MB

Wordpress Thesis Theme Bangla

This is a Bangla Book of Wordpress. One of the best PDF we have ever seen

Wordpress Thesis Theme Bangla
To learn Wordpress in Bangla as a beginer, This book can be most helpful for you. If you want to make your career as an Wordpress Develeoper, This is highly Recommanded for you.
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Size: 8 MB


How To Market Your Brand On Pinterest - Pin for the Win

A good place to bran your Product is Pinterest. Here is some Marketing Policy for Pinterest
How To Market Your Brand On Pinterest - Pin for the Win

Pinterest is a Popular Social Media is Specially Famous for Image Album. Here someone can pin a post to store it in his own id as Watch Later. Thats why marketers specially choice this platform to show their products. Specially Female Products get a lot of Sale in this place by SMM. If you like this site and book please like our page to be connected with us
Size: 8 MB


Few Tips On Home Fitness


Web Development with PHP


Network Security & Troubleshooting Bangla

A great bangla Networking E-Book for new comers of Networking World

Network Security & Troubleshooting Bangla Cover
This book contains a lot of Technique to troubleshoot your Network Connection and Become secure. Its written in Bangla, so that very easy to learn for Bangali People. This book can be collected as a property

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Pages: 65
Size: 2 MB 

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Master Of SEO Series Part2 Bangla

Kazi Nishat is a famous Bangla Tutorial (E-Book/PDF) writer, who wrote a lot of books about information technology. Now, He is writing a series Tutorial about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which will be published (at least) 10 parts and 5-10 chapters in each part. We previously published Part 1 of it.

This is the second part. It has 5 chapter about Keyword Analysis. You can learn, How to select high traffic keywords. Selecting high traffic keywords, You can bring huge visitors in your site. You know that, more visitor, more earn. This is an Advanced Bangla SEO Tutorial. So, You must need to search other basic books and then its previous (first) part. This is fully practical and content rich guideline. It will be great for you to carry on with this series.

Download Now Part2 Chap1

Download Now Part2 Chap2

Download Now Part2 Chap3

After Download The SEO tutorial about keyword analysis (কিওয়ার্ড বিশ্লেষণ পদ্ধতি) , need to read the book carefully and try to understand every topic. You may also knock him via facebook, which link provided in the name. You are always welcome for any opinion or advice to improve the book.


Download Part 1 (FULL)

You should not read next part before successfully complete the previous one. Thank You!


Programming With Java A Primer 3E by Balagurusamy


Microsoft Access Database Tutorial

Learn Access Database is most important to understand Data Structure
Microsoft Access Database Tutorial Cover

Microsoft Access is an Easy Platform to make database and handle accounting without any Programming Knowledge. After getting started with access, you can get the clear concept of Table, Query, Form, Report and many more data structure. It will help you ti understand Structured Query Language (SQL) also

Pages: 154
Size: 2 MB

Wordpress Tuning Bangla Full Tutorial

WordPress is the Most Popular Content Management System (CMS) using to build a lot of websites

Wordpress Tuning Bangla Full Tutorial Cover

It will be helpful for Bengali users if the get All in one WordPress Bangla tutorial at once. This is a Tuning E-Book which is collected from some best Bangla Blog posts. Its pretty hard to find out posts and read everything. This book make the way easy to get all posts about it at a place. Its also shown the Wordpress Installation in Local Server and Web Server with free domain and hosting. Most helpful book I have ever seen. Like our facebook page and subscribe YouTube Channel to get updates.

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Pages: 79 
Size: 3 MB


Mastering Visual Basic .NET

Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) is a multi-paradigm, object-oriented programming language, implemented on the .NET Framework. Microsoft launched VB.NET in 2002 as the successor to its original Visual Basic language.
Mastering Visual Basic .NET Cover

Previous Edition of is VB 6.0 . it was also a great platform. But Microsoft Stopped all the support of VB 6.0 version. That's why programmers redirected to the platform of and if you want more update and new releases of books. Like our fan page.

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Pages: 1100Size: 15 MB

All About Body Fitness


CCNA Bangla Tutorial


SSC Result 2014

SSC Result 2014

Introduction to Microprocessors and Microcontrollers


HTML 4 Bangla Tutorial

HTML means Hypertext Markup Language, which used to design web front end. Beginning language for them, who want to work at web platform
HTML 4 Bangla Tutorial Cover
This is a bangla book for HTML 4. Now you have to learn HTML 5 after reading the book. After Completing this, you can read also an English HTML book to get more new tags and attributes.If you get any problem, You may message to your fb page,
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How Electronic Things Work And What To Do When They Don't


Bangladesh Technical Education Board Result


Freelancing Outsouricng Bangla

Freelancing Bangla E-Book must need to read by you to become a Freelancer and Make your career online

Freelancing Outsouricng Bangla Cover

Bangladeshis are now doing well in online marketplace and govt also encourage to make career online. You can also get job online, but you have to learn first. So it can be started from this moment by reading this book.

Download Now
Size: 14 MB

Become an Entrepreneur Today with Ponnobd Electronics without any investment!

Ponnobd Electronics is the name of trust to the consumers of electronics. Over the past three years, we have sold almost 60,000+ LED TV and other home appliances. But, we don’t only think of our business but also have social responsibilities. To contribute to the growth of the country’s economy and to remove the unemployment problem, we have taken several attempts for the young entrepreneurs. Have a look at this video to know what we have planned for entrepreneurs like you. Leave a comment below about thoughts.


Colours in Blackness A New Life


Ebaar Kando Kedarnath Feluda Comics

Ebaar Kando Kedarnath Feluda Comics Cover

Feluda is a Popular bangla Detective Series which will give you fun as Classic Comic Series
Size: 5 MB


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